We are currently undergoing a big transition to exclusively providing corporate gifting solutions and therefore have decided not to continue with the retail store at this time. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and I’d like to thank you wholeheartedly for your support of my business over the years. Kel, Jungle Pots x


Jungle Pots was inspired by 3 things...

1. A tropical holiday

I love the tropics. The lush green plants beaded with condensation. The heat as it smacks you in the face as you walk across the tarmac. The pungent, woody smell of the undergrowth. The only problem with a tropical holiday is I never want to leave!

In 2016, standing barefoot on a wet boardwalk surrounded by palms, bromeliads, and variegated ginger I vowed to recreate the feeling of the jungle at home so I could always wake up and feel like I was on holiday. As soon as I got home I started filling my indoor living spaces with deep green leaves reminiscent of the tropics, and planning a lush tropical garden for my tiny suburban backyard.


2. Limited options

As I started to experiment more and more with indoor plants and pots I became increasingly frustrated with how hard it was to source good stuff! Houseplants are so on-trend at the moment but I was annoyed that the only really accessible place I could buy the plants was Bunnings, and for the pot it was Kmart or the occasional nursery when I had time. These were nice, but not really unique and I would still have to lug a huge bag of potting mix home and make a hell of a mess potting it myself. 


3. A Dead Fiddle Leaf Fig

The real clincher was when my gorgeous friend was going through a tough time interstate and I happened to know her beloved Fiddle Leaf Fig had recently died. I thought I’d call around different nurseries and see if someone could deliver her a new one, something I would do myself had I been closer.

After a frustrating morning of trying to explain over the phone what I wanted them to do they basically told me they were far too busy and to just send her flowers. This got me thinking.

Why send flowers that are obviously beautiful but will die in a couple of days, when you could send a stunning potted plant that will spark joy for years to come? I started furiously googling plant delivery in my hometown Adelaide and quickly realised no one was offering same-day delivery on living, growing plant gifts.


So that’s what I created-

'An Adelaide based, same day delivery service for lush indoor tropical plants in perfectly matched ceramic pots'