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BABY BLUE STAR FERN- Phlebodium Aureum
BABY BLUE STAR FERN- Phlebodium Aureum

BABY BLUE STAR FERN- Phlebodium Aureum

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Scientific Name- Phlebodium Aureum

Common Name- Blue Star Fern

Origin- Rainforests of South America


This gorgeous fern is what they call ephiphtic meaning, in nature it perches itself upon a tree trunk, relying on it for support but not for food. In its natural habitat it feeds from moisture in the air and on its host plant. 
In your home jungle this plant will offer unique flat, antler-like fronds that provide an unmistakably jungle feel. Their colour is somewhere between a soft green and silver which creates a lovely contrast against your more common deep green foliage plants. 
Blue Star Fern is an un-fussy houseplant that will tolerate low to moderate lighting with medium to high water requirements, this one doesn't like to dry out.



Housed in a gorgeous matte, rust coloured ceramic planter with matching saucer for an understated pop of colour. It has been lovingly potted in our custom blend of premium potting mix with slow release fertiliser to feed nutrients for the next 6+ months, peat moss to retain moisture, coir to cut your watering frequency in half and perlite to provide optimum drainage, you just cant go wrong.

  • Stunning "antler-like" foliage.
  • Rust coloured ceramic planter with matching saucer.
  • Will tolerate low to moderate lighting.
  • Approx H: 18cm from base of the pot. 
  • Pot- D: 13cm.
  • Beautiful gift tag included for your message.