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PILEA (Silver Sprinkles)
PILEA (Silver Sprinkles)

PILEA (Silver Sprinkles)

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Scientific name:  Pilea libanensis

Common Name: Silver Sprinkles or Pilea Glauco

Silver Sprinkles is a delicate round leaved plant that grows densely and will creep up and over the edges of its pot making it perfect for hanging baskets or the edge of a shelf. The small round leaves are green and flecked with silver, dotted up the lengths of its contrasting red stems. Silver Sprinkles is a fairly easy going plant that likes a well lit room away from cold windows or draughts.


Lovingly potted in a custom blend of premium potting mix with slow release fertiliser that will feed your plant for at least 6 months. Then we added peat moss to retain moisture and coir to cut your watering frequency in half and Perlite to provide optimum drainage. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

  • Small round leaves are green and flecked with silver, along contrasting red stems
  • White glazed patterned planter
  • Plant Height: Approx 15cm from base of pot
  • Pot: 14cm Diameter
  • Beautiful gift card included for your personal message