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Common Name- Devil’s Ivy / Pothos Golden

Scientific Name- Epipremnum Aureum

 Personality- Creeper


The Devil’s Ivy is a fast growing creeper that will creep up and out of any pot you try to contain him in. You turn your back and this guy will start to creep, he’s invasive and sneaky and always looking for your treaty snack stash. He such a smooth talker, don’t ever leave him alone with your girlfriend either.


Devil’s Ivy Is a prolific growing vine with large waxy heart-shaped leaves. The leaves are vibrant green with yellow splotches. The stems are sturdy and it will creep up and out as far as you will let them. It can be pruned to keep it compact but it looks gorgeous if you let the long stems spill over the top of its pot and hang freely over the edge of a shelf or bookcase etc. This is an incredibly low maintenance plant that will make you look like you know exactly what you are doing!


Housed in a delightfully simple white ceramic planter with a matching saucer. It has been lovingly potted in our custom blend of premium potting mix with slow release fertiliser to feed nutrients, Peat Moss to retain moisture, Coir to cut your watering frequency in half and Perlite to provide optimum drainage, you just cant go wrong!

  • Extremely low maintenance
  • White ceramic planter with saucer
  • Large waxy heart-shaped leaves
  • Pot approx - H: 25cm D: 18cm
  • Plant approx - H: 30cm from base of pot, W: 50cm (varies)
  • Beautiful gift card included for your personal message