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Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum Sensation

Common Name: Giant Peace Lily

Personality: Total Champ

True to its name, the Peace Lily is a patient, unassuming hard-worker. It won’t just tolerate being shoved into a dark corner, it will thrive!

Offering up masses of huge, lush green leaves that work overtime to purify the pollutants in the air around you, this is such a selfless plant it will not only put up with your crap, it will purify it too!

Lovingly potted in our custom blend of premium potting mix with slow release fertiliser to feed nutrients, peat moss to retain moisture and coir to cut your watering frequency in half and Perlite to provide optimum drainage, you just cant go wrong!

  • Extremely low maintenance 
  • natural wicker basket
  • Air purifying
  • Will tolerate low light
  • Masses of lush dark green leaves
  • Approx - H: 80cm from base of basket D: 30cm basket
  • Beautiful gift tag included for your personal message