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Scientific Name:  Zamioculcas

Common Name:  Zanzibar Gem, 'Zz Plant'

Origin:   Africa



Look, I don't want to be rude, but this guys a total martyr. He looks over in disgust at the Peace Lilies that flop around dramatically when they need a drink and rolls his eyes. This guy doesn't want to big note himself but last winter when his owner Steve went to Europe, he went months without a drink and barely any light and he didn't complain. he thinks the others just need to toughen up a bit. 


The Zanzibar Gem is popular for its hardy long succulent stems, each growing to around 60cm-90cm long and covered with deep green glossy leaves. This is a very low maintenance plant that will thrive even in those dark corners of a room where most plants fail to grow. The Zanzibar will stay vibrant green all year round and provide a unique contrast to your soft leafy plants.  Once established, it requires very little attention - it only needs a drink every month or so, and a bit of a dust every now and again, and the Zanzibar Gem is happy!


Housed in a gorgeous white, geometric patterned, glazed planter. It has been lovingly potted in our custom blend of premium potting mix with slow release fertiliser to feed nutrients for the next 6+ months, peat moss to retain moisture, coir to cut your watering frequency in half and perlite to provide optimum drainage, you just cant go wrong.

  • Deep green glossy leaves.
  • White, geometric patterned, glazed planter.
  • Will tolerate low lighting.
  • Approx H: 45cm from base of the pot. 
  • Pot- D: 20cm.
  • Beautiful gift tag included for your message.