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Scientific Name: Schlumbergera truncata Hybrids

Common Names: Zygocactus or Christmas cactus

Origin: Jungles of South-East Brazil


The Zygocactus is a stunning flowering cactus that grows in the jungles of South- East Brazil. They are epiphytes (plants which depend on others for support, but not nutrition) so they are found growing on the trunks of trees, getting their water and nutrients from the high rainfall and humidity. Although they are cacti they do not grow in deserts, they thrive in warm humid areas. When kept as houseplants they require watering when they are dry, in active growth, or in flower. They don't require a lot of water at other times. It is recommended that you "pinch them back" after flowering to encourage new growth to branch out.

Throughout Autumn and Winter the Zygocactus produces lots of delicate pink or apricot coloured flowers and when not in flower it is still attractive with it's flattened, green pendulous branches. This is not a traditional spiky cactus.



Housed in a simple, matte white cylindrical planter with saucer. It has been lovingly potted in our custom blend of premium cactus mix with slow release fertiliser to feed nutrients, Peat Moss to retain moisture, Coir to cut your watering frequency in half and Perlite to provide optimum drainage, you just cant go wrong!

  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Matte white ceramic planter with saucer
  • Flattened, green pendulous branches and delicate apricot flowers
  • Plant approx - H: 27cm from base of pot  W: 18cm
  • Beautiful gift card included for your personal message